Kapitel 7. Using Voice over IP with Ekiga


7.1. Configuring Ekiga
7.2. The Ekiga User Interface
7.3. Making a Call
7.4. Answering a Call
7.5. Using the Address Book
7.6. For More Information


Modern telecommunication means far more than just doing a phone call. It is also about exchanging text messages and sometimes even video conferencing. Roaming enables you to be reachable under one phone number all across the world. Ekiga brings these features to your Linux desktop allowing you to communicate over broadband Internet.

Before you start, make sure the following requirements are met:

7.1. Configuring Ekiga

On first start, Ekiga comes up with a configuration assistant that requests you to enter all data needed to configure your instance of Ekiga. To configure Ekiga, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter your user name (name and surname).

  2. Enter your ekiga.net account data or choose not to sign up to ekiga.net.

    To add other accounts later on, configure them using Edit+Accounts.

  3. Determine your connection type.

  4. Determine the type of firewall to use to enable you to perform calls with Ekiga.

  5. Choose the audio manager to use. Accept the default setting ALSA, as it guarantees the best sound quality and other sound systems like OSS are not available on openSUSE.

  6. Choose the audio input and output devices and test your settings.

  7. Accept the video manager selection, V4L.

  8. Choose the video input device and test your settings.

  9. Check the summary of your settings and apply them.

  10. If registration fails after you made changes to your configuration, just restart Ekiga.

Ekiga allows you to maintain multiple accounts. To configure an additional account, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Edit+Accounts and select Add.

  2. Choose an Account Name.

  3. Select an appropriate Protocol depending on what type of account you use. Normally, you would select SIP here.

  4. Enter the Registrar to which you want to register. This is usually an IP address or a host name that will be given to you by your Internet Telephony Service Provider. Enter User and Password according to the data provided by your provider.

  5. Leave the configuration dialog with OK and activate the account.

    The status of your account displayed in the Ekiga main window changes to Registered.