Kapitel 12. Browsing with Konqueror


12.1. Tabbed Browsing
12.2. Automatic Scrolling
12.3. Profiles
12.4. Saving Web Pages and Graphics
12.5. Searching with Konqueror
12.7. Java and JavaScript
12.8. Enabling Advertisement Blockers
12.9. For More Information


Konqueror is not only a versatile file manager. It is also a modern Web browser. If you start the browser with the icon in the panel, Konqueror opens with the Web browser profile. As a browser, Konqueror offers tabbed browsing, the possibility of saving Web pages with graphics, Internet keywords, bookmarks, and support for Java and JavaScript.

Abbildung 12.1. The Browser Window of Konqueror

The Browser Window of Konqueror

Start Konqueror from the main menu or by entering the command konqueror. To load a Web page, enter its address in the location bar, for example, http://www.opensuse.org. Konqueror now tries to reach the address and display the page. Entering the protocol at the beginning of the address (http:// in this case) is not strictly required. The program is able to complete the address automatically, but this only works reliably with Web addresses. For an FTP address, always enter ftp:// at the beginning of the input field.

12.1. Tabbed Browsing

If you often use more than one Web page at a time, tabbed browsing may make it easier to switch between them. Load Web sites in separate tabs within one window. The advantage is that you keep more control over your desktop because you only have one main window. After logout, the KDE session management allows for saving your Web session in Konqueror. The next time you log in, Konqueror loads the exact URLs visited last time.

To open a new tab, select Window+New Tab or press Strg-Umschalttaste-N. To change the behavior of tabs, go to Settings+Configure Konqueror. In the dialog box that opens, select Web Behavior+Tabbed Browsing. To open new tabs instead of windows, enable Open links in new tab instead of in new window. You can also hide the tab bar with Hide the tab bar when only one tab is open. To see more options, press Advanced Options.