2.6. Important Filenames and Directories

The following list contains the most important files and directories used by the AppArmor framework. If you intend to manage and troubleshoot your profiles manually, make sure that you know about these files and directories:


Virtualized file representing the currently loaded set of profiles.


Location of AppArmor configuration files.


A local repository of profiles shipped with AppArmor, but not enabled by default.


Location of profiles, named with the convention of replacing the / in paths with . (not for the root /) so profiles are easier to manage. For example, the profile for the program /usr/sbin/ntpd is named usr.sbin.ntpd.


Location of abstractions.


Location of program chunks.


Check this file to review the confinement status of a process and the profile that is used to confine the process. The ps auxZ command retrieves this information automatically.