9.3. Exporting the Public Key

After generating your key pair, make the public key available to other users. This enables them to use it to encrypt or sign the messages or files they send you. To make the public key available for others, select Keys+Export Public Key(s). The dialog that opens offers four options:


Your public key is sent to a recipient of your choice by e-mail. If you activate this option and confirm with OK, the dialog for creating a new e-mail message with KMail appears. Enter the recipient and click Send. The recipient receives your key and can then send you encrypted contents.


You can place your public key here before continuing to process it.

Default Key Server

To make your public key available to a wide audience, export it to one of the key servers on the Internet. For more information, refer to Abschnitt 9.5, „The Key Server Dialog“.


If you prefer to distribute your key as a file on a data medium instead of sending it by e-mail, click this option, confirm or change the file path and name, and click OK.