17.9. Troubleshooting

Although openSUSE and digiKam support a broad range of cameras, you might occasionally hit one of the following problems when using your digital camera with openSUSE:

Downloading Images from Your Camera Fails

If downloading your images fails no matter which protocol you have chosen (PTP or USB), try using the command line instead of digiKam. The gphoto2 --P command initializes the camera and downloads the images if gphoto2 supports this camera.

Your Camera is not Officially Supported by digiKam

Try gphoto2 --list-cameras and the information at http://www.gphoto.org/ to obtain more information about the status of your camera's support by Linux.

If the camera is not listed there, remove the storage medium from the camera and use a card reader device (either an external or internal one). As soon as the medium is detected, it is mounted automatically and you can import the images to your digiKam collection with Albums+Import+Add Images or Albums+Import+Import Folders.