17.3. Managing Albums

digiKam creates a folder called My Albums by default to hold all of your images. You can move your images to subfolders later. The albums can be sorted by directory layout, by collection name set in the album properties, or the date that the albums were first created (this date can also be changed in the properties of each album).

To create a new album, use one of these methods:

Once you have chosen to create a new album, provide some basic administrative information about the new album, such as an album title. Optionally, choose a collection, insert some comments, and select an album date. Collections are a way of organizing your albums by a common label. This label is used when you select View+Sort Albums+By Collection. The comment is shown in the banner at the top of the main window. The album date is used when you select View+Sort Albums+By Date.

digiKam uses the first photograph in the album as the preview icon in the My Albums list. To select a different one, right-click the respective photograph and select Set as Album Thumbnail from the context menu.