17.6. Exporting Image Collections

digiKam provides several export options that help archive and publish your personal image collections. It offers archiving to CD or DVD (with k3b), HTML export, and export to a remote gallery.

To save your image collection to CD or DVD, proceed as follows:

  1. Select File+Export+Archive to CD/DVD.

  2. Make your adjustments in the Create CD/DVD Archive dialog using its various submenus. After that, click OK to initiate the burning process.

    1. With Album Selection, determine which part of your collection should be archived by selecting albums and tags.

    2. In HTML Interface, decide whether your image collection should be accessible through an HTML interface and whether automatic run functionality should be added to your CD or DVD archive. Set a selection title and image, font, and background properties.

    3. Change the settings for the volume description in Media Volume Descriptor, if necessary.

    4. Adjust the burning options to your needs in Media Burning, if necessary.

To create an HTML export of your image collection, proceed as follows:

  1. Select File+Export+HTML Gallery.

  2. Determine which part of your collection should be archived by selecting albums and tags in Collection and click Next.

  3. Use Theme dialog to set the title and appearance of your HTML gallery and click Next.

  4. Specify size, compression and file type for the thumbnails used for gallery navigation in Image Settings and click Next.

  5. Determine the location of the gallery on disk with Output and click Finish.

To export your collection to an external image gallery on the Internet, proceed as follows:

  1. Get an account for an external Web site to host your gallery.

  2. Select File+Export+Remote Gallery Sync and provide URL, username, and password for the external site when asked for them. digiKam establishes a connection to the site specified and opens a new window called Gallery Export.

  3. Determine the location of your new album in the gallery.

  4. Click New Album and provide the information requested by digiKam.

  5. Upload the images to the new album with Add Photos.