7.3. Making a Call

Once Ekiga is configured appropriately, making a call is straightforward.

  1. Start Ekiga using the menu or the command line.

  2. Enter the SIP address of the other party at the SIP address prompt. The address should look like:

    • for direct local calls: sip:username@domainnameor username@hostname

    • for proxied calls or calls using the service of a SIP provider: username@sipserver or userid@sipserver

    If you have a SIP provider who accepts real phone calls, you may just enter the number like sip:<call number>

  3. Click Call or type Ctrl-O and wait for the other party to pick up the phone.

  4. Once you are done or wish to end the call, click Hang up or type Ctrl-D.

If you need to tweak the sound parameters during a call, click View+View Mode+Full View to show four tabs holding more options. The second one holds the Audio options for Playback level and Recording level. Use the sliders to adjust both volumes to fit your needs.