13.2. Finding Information

There are two ways to find information in Firefox: the search bar and the find bar. The search bar looks for pages while the find bar looks for things on the current page.

13.2.1. Finding Information on the Web

Firefox has a search bar that can access different engines, like Google, Yahoo, or Amazon. For example, if you want to find information about openSUSE using the current engine, click in the search bar, type openSUSE, and hit Enter. The results appear in your window. To choose your search engine, click the icon to the left of the search bar. A menu opens with a list of available search engines.

13.2.2. Installing a Different Search Engine

If you favorite search engine is not listed, Firefox gives you the possibility to configure it. Try the following steps:

  1. Establish an Internet connection first.

  2. Click the icon to the left of the search bar.

  3. Select Manage Search Engines from the menu.

  4. Click Get more search engines.

  5. Firefox displays a Web page with available search engines. You can choose from Wikipedia, IMDB, Flickr, and others. Click the desired search plug-in.

  6. Install your search plug-in with Add or abort with Cancel.

13.2.3. Searching in the Current Page

To search inside a Web page, click Edit+Find in This Page or press Ctrl-F. The find bar opens. Usually, it is displayed at the bottom of a window. Type your query in the input field. Firefox finds the first occurrence of this phrase. You can find other occurrences of the phrase by pressing F3 or Next button in the find bar. You can also highlight all occurrences by pressing the Highlight all button. Checking the Match case option makes the query case sensitive.