13.3. Managing Bookmarks

Bookmarks offer a convenient way of saving links to your favorite Web sites. To add the current Web site to your list of bookmarks, click Bookmarks+Bookmark This Page. If your browser currently displays multiple Web sites on tabs, only the URL on the currently selected tab is added to your list of bookmarks.

When adding a bookmark, you can specify an alternative name for the bookmark and select a folder where Firefox should store it. To bookmark Web sites on multiple tabs, select Bookmark All Tabs. Firefox creates a new folder that includes bookmarks of each site displayed on each tab. To remove a Web site from the bookmarks list, click Bookmarks, right-click the bookmark in the list, then click Delete.

13.3.1. Using the Bookmark Manager

The bookmark manager can be used to manage the properties (name and address location) for each bookmark and organize the bookmarks into folders and sections. It resembles Abbildung 13.2, „Using the Firefox Bookmark Manager“.

Abbildung 13.2. Using the Firefox Bookmark Manager

Using the Firefox Bookmark Manager

To open the bookmark manager, click Bookmark+Organize Bookmarks. A window opens and displays your bookmarks. With New Folder, create a new folder with a name and a description. If you need a new bookmark, click New Bookmark. This lets you insert the name, location, keywords, and also a description. The keyword is a shortcut to your bookmark. If you need your newly created bookmark in the sidebar, check Load this bookmark in the sidebar.

13.3.2. Importing Bookmarks from Other Browsers

If you used a different browser in the past, you probably want to use your old bookmarks in Firefox, too. Firefox allows to import bookmarks from other browsers installed on your system such as Netscape or Opera. It also allows to import bookmarks from a file exported from a browser on different computer.

To import your settings, click File+Import. Select the browser from which to import settings and click Next or choose a file. Find your imported bookmarks in a newly created folder, beginning with From.

13.3.3. Live Bookmarks

Live bookmarks display headlines in your bookmark menu and keep you up to date with the latest news. This enables you to save time with one glance at your favorite sites.

Many sites and blogs support this format. A Web site indicates this by showing an orange icon in the right part of the location bar. Click it and choose Subscribe to NAME OF THE FEED. Click Subscribe now in the page that opens. A dialog box opens in which to select the name and location of your live bookmark. Confirm with Add.

Some sites do not tell Firefox that they support a news feed, although they actually do. To add a live bookmark manually, you need the URL of the feed. Do the following:

Prozedur 13.1. Adding a Live Bookmark Manually

  1. Open the bookmark manager with Bookmarks+Organize Bookmarks. A new window opens.

  2. Select File+New Live Bookmark. A dialog box opens.

  3. Insert a name for the live bookmark and add your URL in the Feed Location, for example, http://www.novell.com/newsfeeds/rss/coolsolutions.xml. Firefox updates your live bookmarks.

  4. Close your bookmark manager.