19.2. Creating an Audio CD

Basically, there are no significant differences between creating an audio CD and creating a data CD. Select File+New Audio CD Project. Drag and drop the individual audio tracks to the project folder. The audio data must be in WAV or Ogg Vorbis format. Determine the sequence of the tracks by moving them up or down in the project folder.

With the help of CD Text, you are able to add certain text information to a CD, such as CD title, artist name, and track name. CD players that support this feature can read and display this information. To add CD Text information to your audio tracks, select the track first. Right-click and select Properties. A new window opens in which to enter your information. You can also download track information from internet by clicking Query Cddb.

The dialog for burning an audio CD is not very different from the dialog for burning a data CD. However, the Disc at once and the Track at once modes have greater importance. The Track at once mode inserts an intermission of two seconds after each track.

[Tip]Preserving Data Integrity

When burning audio CDs, choose a lower burning speed to reduce the risk of burning errors.

After adjusting all settings to your needs, start the actual burning process using Burn. Alternatively, save these settings for future use and adjustment by clicking on the floppy disk icon.