19.5. Creating a Multisession CD or DVD

Multisession discs can be used to write data in more than one burning session. This is useful, for example, for writing backups that are smaller than the media. In each session, you can add another backup file. The interesting part is that you are not only limited to data CDs or DVDs. You can also add audio sessions in a multisession disc.

To start a new multisession disc, do the following:

  1. Create your data disc first and add all your files. You cannot start with an audio CD session. Make sure that you do not fill up the entire disc, because otherwise you cannot append a new session.

  2. Burn your data with Project+Burn.

  3. In the dialog box that appears, go to the Misc tab and select Start Multisession. In the case of DVD, do not use the DAO writing mode, because it does not support multisession.

  4. Configure other options if needed. See also Abschnitt 19.1, „Creating a Data CD or DVD“.

  5. Start the burning session with Burn.

After a successful burning process, you have created a multisession disc. As long as the media contains enough space, you can append more sessions if you like. Finish discs with Finish Multisession only if you are sure you do not need any new sessions or the space is occupied.

[Note]About Storage Space on Multisession Discs

Be aware that multisession discs need space for bookkeeping all the entries from your sessions. This leads to a smaller amount of available space on your disc. The amount depends on the number of sessions.