8.2. Accessing Network Shares

Networking workstations can be set up to share folders. Typically, files and folders are marked to let remote users access them. These are called network shares. If your system is configured to access network shares, you can use your file manager to access these shares and browse them just as easily as if they were located on your local machine. Whether you have only read access or also write access to the shared folders depends on the permissions granted to you by the owner of the shares.

To access network shares, click the Network Browsing icon on your desktop or open Konqueror and enter remote:/ in the location bar. Konqueror then opens a virtual folder that displays the network share types that you can access. Click a network resource type then click the network share to access. You might be required to authenticate to the resource by providing a username and password.

Abbildung 8.1. Network Browsing

Network Browsing