7.5. Reporting Bugs for AppArmor

The developers of AppArmor are eager to deliver products of the highest quality. Your feedback and your bug reports help us keep the quality high. Whenever you encounter a bug in AppArmor, file a bug report against this product:

  1. Use your Web browser to go to https://bugzilla.novell.com/index.cgi.

  2. Enter the account data of your Novell account and click Login


    Create a new Novell account as follows:

    1. Click Create New Account on the Login to Continue page.

    2. Provide a username and password and additional address data and click Create Login to immediately proceed with the login creation.


      Provide data on which other Novell accounts you maintain to sync all these to one account.

  3. Check whether a problem similar to yours has already been reported by clicking Search Reports. Use a quick search against a given product and keyword or use the Advanced Search.

  4. If your problem has already been reported, check this bug report and add extra information to it, if necessary.

  5. If your problem has not been reported yet, select New from the top navigation bar and proceed to the Enter Bug page.

  6. Select the product against which to file the bug. In your case, this would be your product's release. Click Submit.

  7. Select the product version, component (AppArmor in this case), hardware platform, and severity.

  8. Enter a brief headline describing your problem and add a more elaborate description including log files. You may create attachments to your bug report for screen shots, log files, or test cases.

  9. Click Submit after you have entered all the details to send your report to the developers.