Poster presentations I. Workshop

For each poster presentation one poster wall will be available with the following size:

width= 97 cm, height= 250cm

1 V. Beato
  Pulse propagation in active media subjected to noise
2 C. Beta
  Controlling turbulence in a surface chemical reaction by time-delay autosynchronization
3 U. Börner / K. John
  ,Modeling biological pattern formation
4 J. Burguete
  Localized domains and other one dimensional structures in a convective experiment
5 V. Casagrande
  Waves and turbulence in a system of nonlocally coupled chemical oscillators
6 J. Davidsen
  Defect-mediated turbulence in systems with local deterministic chaos
7 J. Davidsen
  Scroll wave dynamics in spherical shells with inhomogeneous excitability
8 B. Echebarria
  Dynamics of scroll waves in an excitable medium with varying excitability
9 D. Merkt
  Pattern formation in evaporating liquids
10 H. K. Park
  Spiral instability from resonant forcing
11 A. Pototsky
  Control of the structuring of thin soft matter films by means of an external disturbance
12 M. A. Pineda Rodriguez
  Synchronization and patterns formation in coupled maps lattices with local and global interactions
13 O. Rudzick
  Complex dynamics of wave trains in forced oscillatory media
14 A. Ryskin
  Thermodiffusion effects in convection of ferrofluids -
  The case of finite magnetic field
15 A. Sharon
  Mathematical model for the morphologies in the Yuse-Sano andulating crack experiment
16 P. Shipman
  Phyllotactic plant patterns
17 K. Tucci
  Pattern formation on fractal growth networks
18 H. Wang
  The antispiral and its transition in the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
19 S. Woodford
  Parametrically driven domain walls, their interactions and bound states
20 A. Yochelis
  Resonant standing-wave patterns in forced oscillations: Mechanisms and forms
21 V. Zykov
  Universalities in the dynamics of spiral waves under global feedback
22 U. Thiele
  Dewetting of thin films on heterogeneous substrates: Pinning vs. coarsening
23 U. Thiele
  Front and back instability of a liquid rim on a slightly inclined plate

patt03 conference 2003-08-25