Poster presentations II. Workshop

For each poster presentation one poster wall will be available with the following size:

width= 97 cm, height= 250cm

1 V. Beato
  Pulse propagation in active media subjected to noise
2 G. Bordiougov
  Transition between trigger and phase waves in active media
3 U. Börner
  Modeling myxobacterial aggregation
4 T. Briels
  Experimental investigation of propagating and branching discharge channels
5 V. Casagrande
  Waves and turbulence in a system of nonlocally coupled chemical oscillators
6 M. Cosenza
  Phase separation in coupled chaotic maps on fractal networks
7 J. Davidsen
  Defect-mediated turbulence in systems with local deterministic chaos
8 J. Davidsen
  Scroll wave dynamics in spherical shells with inhomogeneous excitability
9 A. De Wit
  Miscible density fingering of chemical fronts in porous media: Nonlinear dynamics
10 M. Güßmann
  Selforganization of retinotopic projections - From discrete cell arrays to spheres
11 O. Holzner
  Clusters of phase oscillators with time-delayed feedback and noise
12 P. Hövel
  Stability domains for time-delay feedback control with latency
13 A. Jayaraman
  Unsteady motion of falling spheres: An hydrodynamic instability in worm-like micellar fluids
14 K. John
  Oscillatory and stationary domains in biomembranes
15 I. Leyva
  Spatial competition of synchronization domains in arrays of chaotics systems
16 Y. Maistrenko
  Bifurcation in the Kuramoto model and reduction to the Cherry flow
17 P. Marcq
  Stochastic bifurcation of a nonlinear oscillator with multiplicative noise
18 I. Matskiv
  Synchronization among interacting ensembles of globally coupled chaotic oscillators
19 B. Meulenbroek
  Conformal mapping approach to streamer branching
20 M. Monine
  Atomic-scale modeling of reaction-induced roughening and faceting in CO oxidation on Pt(110)
21 H. K. Park
  Spiral instability from resonant forcing
22 A. J. Pons
  Derivation of amplitude equations for a chemoconvection pattern-forming instability
23 O. Popovych
  Desynchronization transitions in coupled phase oscillator systems with delay
24 M. A. Pineda Rodriguez
  Synchronization and patterns formation in coupled maps lattices with local and global interactions
25 D. Sijacic
  Stationary and spontaneously oscillating states in DC glow discharges and their stability
26 G. Stegemann
  Control of spatio-temporal patterns in resonant tunneling diodes
27 U. Thiele
  Dewetting of thin films on heterogeneous substrates: Pinning vs. coarsening
28 U. Thiele
  Front and back instability of a liquid rim on a slightly inclined plate
29 K. Tucci
  Pattern formation on fractal growth networks
30 E. Zemskov
  Front propagation under periodic forcing in reaction-diffusion systems
31 C. Zhou
  Noise-sustained coherent oscillation of excitable media with stirring

patt03 conference 2003-09-09