Preliminary Scientific Program

Sunday, August 24

18:00 Registration
19:00 Welcome buffet at the institute's cafeteria

Monday, August 25

08.45 J.-M. Rost and coordinators
9.00 K. Daniels
  Order, chaos, and defect statistics in inclined layer convection
9.45 E. Knobloch
  Nearly Inviscid Faraday Waves
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 N. Garnier
  Experiments with nonlinear hydrothermal waves and Ginzburg-Landau modeling
11.45 L. Brusch
  Modulated amplitude waves and finite wavelength instabilities
12.30 Lunch
14.30 S. Residori
  Patterns, fronts and structures in a liquid crystal light valve with optical feedback
15.15 T. Ackemann
  Formation and properties of superlattice patterns in a simple optical pattern forming system
16.00 Coffee break
16.30 I. G. Kevrekidis (PATT03-Colloquium)
  Initializing at will: Equation-free modeling and experimentation
18.00 Dinner
19.00 Poster Session I

Tuesday, August 26

9.00 D. Barkley
  Spiral spectra
9.45 Q. Ouyang
  Spiral instabilities in a reaction-diffusion system
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 B. Rumpf
  Intermittent high-amplitude structures and turbulent energy transport
11.45 I. Barashenkov
  Two and three-dimensional oscillons in nonlinear Faraday resonance
12.30 Lunch

Preliminary Scientific Program

14.30 W. Zimmermann
  Pattern formation near a nematic transition and in conserved systems
15.15 Coffee break
15.45 E. Meron
  Ecosystem engineers, landscape diversity and species richness:
  A pattern formation approach
18.00 Dinner
19.00 Poster Session II

Wednesday, August 27

9.00 L. van Hemmen
  Mapping time: Synaptic pattern formation in the auditory system
9.45 M. van Hecke
  Wide and universal shear zones in granular flow
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 J. Bragard
  Asymmetry in the synchronization of extended systems
11.45 R. Friedrich
  Instabilities and cutting processes
12.30 Lunch
15.00 Excursion
20.00 Conference Dinner

Preliminary Scientific Program

Thursday, August 28

9.00 J. Burguete
  Dynamics of spatially extended nonlinear structures under selective forcing
9.45 H. Riecke
  Persistence and failure in a small-world network of excitable neurons
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 R. Richter
  Ridges and hexagons
11.45 U. Thiele
  Pattern formation in thin films on (in)homogeneous substrates
12.30 Lunch
14.00 A. Doelman
  Stabilization by slow diffusion in a real Ginzburg-Landau system
14.45 W. van de Water
  Traveling convection waves riddled by holes
15.30 Coffee break
16.00 L. Gil
  Secondary instabilities of an hexagonal pattern
18.00 Dinner

Friday, August 29

9.00 M. Paul
  Convection as a metaphor for large-aspect-ratio nonequilibrium dynamics
9.45 M. Bestehorn
  Pattern formation in thin liquid films
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 K. Eckert
  Pattern formation in liquid-liquid systems with chemical reactions
11.30 J. Radmacher
  Instabilities of pulses leading to backfiring and tracefiring
12.15 Closing remarks
12.30 Lunch

patt03 conference 2003-08-04