Fernando Peruani

Contact information:

e-mail: peruaniATunice.fr
    Working place:
Lab. J.A.Dieudonné
Université de Nice - Sophia Antipolis
Nice, France

Phone: +33-4 92 07 64 82
Fax: +33-4 93 51 79 74

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I have broad interests in theoretical physics, technology and biology. As result of that, in my research, I attempt to use tools from theoretical physics to understand biological systems, and to find solutions to challenging technological problems. Depending on the specific problem, I develop theoretical models using elements from dynamical systems, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, complex network theory, and/or stochastic processes. I always try to work in close collaboration with the experimentalists. My reasearch has two main axes:

Active Matter

Characterization of self-propelled particle motion, transition to collective motion, clustering in self-propelled rods, and information spreading in system of self-propelled particles. Most of my research on active matter has aimed at understanding collective motion and aggregation in myxobacteria.

Complex Networks

Bipartite networks, robustness of finite complex networks, topological properties of Peer-to-Peer networks, and dynamic networks.