Fernando Peruani


Fluctuations and the role of collision duration in reaction-diffusion systems
F. Peruani and C.F. Lee
submitted (2012)

Pattern-formation mechanisms in motility mutants of Myxococcus xanthus
J. Starruss, F. Peruani, V. Jakovljevic, L. Soogard-Andersen, A. Deutsch, and M. Bär
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Chemical reactions among self-propelled particles: ballistic vs. diffusive spreading
F. Peruani and G. Sibona
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A. Srivastava, B. Mitra, N. Ganguly, and F. Peruani
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How to detect causality effects on large dynamical communication networks : a case study
L. Tabourier, A. Stoica, and F. Peruani
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F. Peruani and L. Tabourier
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A. Srivastava, B. Mitra, F. Peruani, N. Ganguly
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G.J. Sibona, F. Peruani, G.R. Terranova
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F. Peruani, T. Klauss, A. Deutsch, and A. Voss-Boehme
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Mobility induces global synchronization of oscillators in periodic extended systems
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Modeling Broadcasting using Omnidirectional and Directional Antenna in Delay Tolerant Networks as an Epidemic Dynamics
F. Peruani, A. Maiti, S. Sadhu, H. Chaté, R.R. Choudhury, N. Ganguly
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Advances in Complex Networks
F. Peruani
in: Dynamics on and of Complex Networks: Applications to Biology, Computer Science, Economics, and the Social Sciences; Eds. N. Ganguly, A. Deutsch, and A. Mukherjee, Birkhauser-Springer, Boston (2009)

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H. Chaté, F. Ginelli, G. Gregoire, F. Peruani, and F. Raynaud
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Dynamics and Steady States in Excitable Mobile Agent System
F. Peruani and G. Sibona
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Mean field theory for the collective motion of self-propelled particles interacting by velocity alignment mechanisms
F. Peruani, A. Deutsch, and M. Bär
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Analyzing the Vulnerability of Superpeers Networks Against Attack
B. Mitra, F. Peruani, S. Ghose, and N. Ganguly
proceeding at CCS 07 (14 th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security) (2007)

Self-propelled particles with fluctuating speed and direction of motion in two dimensions
F. Peruani and L.G. Morelli
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Measuring robustness of Superpeer Topologies
B. Mitra, F. Peruani, S. Ghose, and N. Ganguly
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F. Peruani, M. Choudhury, A. Mukherjee, and N. Ganguly
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J. Starruss, F. Peruani, M. Bär, and A. Deutsch
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F. Peruani, A. Deutsch, and M. Bär
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G. Solovey, F. Peruani, S.P. Dawson, and R.M. Zorzenon dos Santos
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F. Peruani, G. Solovey, I.M. Irurzun, E. E. Mola, A. Marzocca, J.L. Vicente
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From individual to collective motion of self-propelled particles: the role of particle shape, orientation ordering and clustering
F. Peruani
PhD thesis (2008) [Universitäbibliothek der TU Berlin]

Models for the dielectric breakdown
F. Peruani
Master thesis (2003)