Poster Session

  1. Hartmut Benner / Thomas Stemler
    Noise-free stochastic resonance and multiresonance in spin-wave chaos and electronic circuits
  2. Hans-Albert Braun
    Nonlinear dynamics and noise in neuronal impulse pattern generation
  3. Jochen Bröcker
    Information geometry in optimal receiver design
  4. Michal Ciesla
    Transition from chaotic to nonchaotic behaviour induced by Langevin forces
  5. Ulrike Feudel
    Influence of quasiperiodic forcing on synchronization processes
  6. Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo
    Communicating with optical spatiotemporal chaos
  7. Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo
    Effects of noise correlation in optical coherence resonance
  8. Gianni Giacomelli
    Experimental study of phase synchronization in stochastic resonance
  9. Seung Kee Han
    Generalized synchronization and decoding chaos from interspike intervals
  10. Christian Hauptmann
    Simulation of epileptiform activity in neuronal networks
  11. Janusz Holyst
    Noise free stochastic multiresonance near chaotic crises
  12. Martin T. Huber
    Modelling the time-course of mood disorders: the pathophysiological relevance of oscillations, chaos and noise
  13. Marc-Thorsten Hütt
    The effect of colored noise on networks of nonlinear oscillators
  14. Rainer Klages
    Enhancement and suppression of deterministic diffusion by random perturbations
  15. Andrey Kopeikin
    Synchronization of the switching processes in an array of coupled bistable systems
  16. Andrzej Krawiecki
    Stochastic resonance and noise-enhanced order with spatiotemporal periodic signal
  17. Till Kuhlbrodt
    A stochastic climate model of North Atlantic deep convection
  18. Petr Lánský
    Frequency coding with signal-dependent noise
  19. Hans Liljenström
    Noise-induced oscillations and synchronization in a cortical associative memory model
  20. Benjamin Lindner
    Transmission of noise coded versus additive signals through a neuronal ensemble
  21. Andre Longtin / Ralf Engbert / Reinhold Kliegl
    Stochastic model of eye movements during reading
  22. Yuri Maistrenko
    Globally coupled logistic maps: complex way from coherence to clustering
  23. Susanne C. Manrubia
    Globally coupled logistic maps as dynamical glasses
  24. Francesco Marin
    Noise-assisted transmission of binary information: theory and experiment
  25. Christina Masoller
    Effect of noise on a multiple attractor time-delayed chaotic system
  26. Jose L. Mateos
    Current reversals and synchronization in chaotic ratchets
  27. Claudio Mirasso
    Synchronization of bidirectionally coupled semiconductor lasers
  28. Roland Neff
    Generating global membrane dynamics from local constituent interactions
  29. Hans Ekkehard Plesser
    Stochastic resonance in endogenously and exogenously driven model neurons
  30. Peter Ruszczynski
    Noise-assisted traffic of neural spikes and cars through junctions
  31. Ivan Santamaria-Holek
    Diffusion in a stationary flow from mesoscopic non-equilibrium thermodynamics
  32. Gerhard Schmid
    Stochastic resonance in ensembles of voltage-gated ion channels
  33. Albert Sterck
    Josephson ratchets: experiments and numerical simulation results
  34. Ralf Steuer
    Entropy and predictability of data from sensory neurons
  35. Raul Toral
    Noise-induced synchronization of chaotic systems
  36. Daniel Weinert
    Synchronization of noisy bistable systems
  37. Alexei Zaikin
    On doubly stochastic resonance
  38. Changsong Zhou
    Array enhanced coherence resonance: nontrivial effects of heterogenety and spatial independence of noise
  39. Yaroslav Zolotaryuk
    Symmetry approach to rectification of current in ac-driven nonlinear systems

poisisd 2001-03-09