Poster Presentations

  • For each poster presentation one poster wall will be available.
  • The posters will be on display for the whole workshop week.
  • The number in front of your name corresponds to the number on the poster wall.
  • Please note that the size of the poster walls is 185 cm (height) x 95 cm (width).
  • Double-sided tape/magnets will be provided.

  • (01) Danilov, Denis Solute trapping during rapid solidification of binary alloys: A phase- field study
    (02) Dullens, Roel One-dimensional coupled colloidal systems
    (03) Duras, Maciej Statistical properties of the quantum anharmonic oscillator in one spatial dimension
    (04) Emmerich, Heike/Hubert, Jürgen/Jurgk, Matthias/Siquieri, Ricardo/Rezende Joao/Prieler, Robert A phase field model for the morphological evolution of intermetallic phases in Al cast alloys
    (05) Heinig, Karl-Heinz Nucleation and nanostructure formation at mixed interfaces
    (06) Hubert, Jürgen/Emmerich, Heike Coupled Monte-Carlo-Phasefield simulations for surface diffusion processes in solidification
    (07) Jurgk, Matthias Two methods of length-scale coupling in the modeling of dendritic solidification
    (08) Kharchenko, Dmitrii Phase transitions induced by noise cross-correlations
    (09) Kraska, Thomas Nucleation of metal clusters by molecular dynamics simulation
    (10) Lorenz, Nina Phase behaviour and properties of a binary charged sphere system
    (11) Miller, Wolfram Phase field calculations of pattern formation in solidification of binary alloys
    (12) Radke de Cuba, Maria/Emmerich, Heike/Gemming, Sibylle Zwei-Skalen-Modellierung von Adsorptionsprozessen an strukturierten Oberflächen
    (13) Schöpe, Hans Joachim Nucleation and growth of colloidal crystals and alloys in charged systems with variable interactions
    (14) Schöpe, Hans Joachim Fluid-crystal interfaces in charged colloidal dispersions
    (15) Siquieri, Ricardo The influence of hydrodynamic convection on peritectic growth systems
    (16) Sommerfeld, Andreia Substrates in cast iron melts - Nucleation enhancement?
    (17) Spatschek, Robert Elastic effects on the growth kinetics of solid-solid transformations
    (18) Steinbach, Ingo Phase-field simulation of nucleation and growth in Mg-alloys
    (19) Vanherpe, Liesbeth Numerical modeling and simulation of grain growth
    (20) Voigt, Axel Nucleation and growth of metallic systems by a phase field crystal (PFC) model
    (21) Wette, Patrick Nucleation kinetics of charged sphere suspensions

    last update: November 09, 2006