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Alekseev Kirill
Quantum-classical correspondence in dynamics of dissipative systems with limit cycle

Christian Amann
Semiclassical approximation for spin-orbit coupling

Arnd Baecker
Eigenfunctions of chaotic systems in momentum space

Michael Barth
Global versus local billiard level dynamics

Jens Bolte
Quantum Ergodicity for Particles with Spin 1/2

Gustavo Carlo Gabriel
Semiclassical construction of scar functions

Monique Combescure
Towards an exact semiclassical linear response theory

Gilberto Corso
Quantum signature of reconnection of resonances

Maciej Duras
An example of dissipative quantum system: finite differences for complex Ginibre ensemble

Diego Frustaglia
Effects of Geometrical Phases on Transport through Quantum Billiards

Maxim Gelin
Quantum and semiclassical description of rotational phase space coherence for molecular species under collisionless conditions and in a buffer medium

Bengu Gulcubuk
A unified approach to moyal quantization and geometric quantization

Boris Gutkin
External internal duality on the hyperbolic plane

Grischa Haag
Quantum ergodicity and time evolution of quantized maps

Martina Hentschel
Sequential reflection model for a non-concentric annular resonator

Bodo Huckestein
Soft quantum chaos, quantum Hall effect, mesoscopic physics

Lars Hufnagel
Quantum chaos with focus on systems with a mixed phase space, wave packet dynamics in random media

Sudhir R. Jain
Quantum and semiclassical diffusion in finite many-body systems - some new aspects and results

Victor Kagalovsky
The effect of resonances on chaotic scattering - application to quantum dot conductance

J"org Kaidel
Semiclassics for 2D Systems with mixed classical dynamics

Zbigniew Karkuszewski
Decoherence due to chaotic environment - The size of the smallest structure in phase space

Frank Keck
The quantal propagator in phase space: The semiclassical limit

Stefan Keppeler
Quantum chaos with spin: Trace formulae and two-point correlations

Ulrich Kleinekath"ofer
Mapped fourier method applied to time-dependent problems

Andreas Krug
Spectral properties of periodically driven alkali Rydberg states

Oliver Kuehn
Forward-backward semiclassical dynamics for condensed phase spectroscopy

Javier Madronero
Alkali atoms in microwave fields: Classical dynamics of valence electron

Carlos Mejia Monasterio
Classical and quantum study of anomalous scattering horseshoe

Tania Monteiro
Wigner functions and chaotic quantum wells

Stephane Nonnenmacher
Spectral determinant correlations for quantum maps as coherent-state integrals

Roland Onderka
Anisotropic magnetotransport in rectangular antidot supperlattices: classical and semiclassical aspects

Thierry Paul
Toda systems and phase-space localization

Detlef Pingel
Analysing Lyapunov spectra of chaotic dynamical systems

Peter Pollner
Destruction of quantum carpet patterns as the chaotic part of the phase-space becomes more dominant

Krzysztof Sacha
Chaotic Rydberg atoms with broken time-reversal symmetry

Holger Schanz
Phase-space distributions as a tool for analyzing transport in quantum maps with spatial and temporal periodicity

Peter Schlagheck
Nondispersive two-electron wave packets in driven helium

Peter Schmelcher
Quantum energy flow in atomic ions moving in magnetic fields

Burkhard Schmidt
The quantum-classical Liouville equation

J"urgen Schnack
Thermostated quantum dynamics using squeezed coherent states

Roman Schubert
Semiclassical time evolution in systems with mixed phase space

Petr Seba
Resonances in one dimensional time periodic quantum system

Fernando P. Simonotti
Fredholm methods for billiard eigenfunctions in the coherent state representation

Nenad Simonovic
Calculations of periodic orbits: The monodromy method and application to regularized systems

Niels Sondergaard
Drilling holes - elastodynamics versus zeta-functions

Mauro Spicci
Quantum correlations in one-dimensional systems

Frank Steinbach
How Cantori influence level statistics

Atushi Tanaka
A semiclassical approach to multicomponent systems

Fabrizio Toscano
Scars of the Wigner function

Imre Varga
Improved entropy measures to characterize quantum localization in phase space

Carlos Viviescas
The propagator of the Wigner function: semiclassical and spectral statistics

Holger Waalkens
Energy surfaces of Jacobi's problem of two centers

Joachim Weber
Frobenius-Perron resonances for maps with a mixed phase space

Matthias Weiss
New class of eigenstates in generic hamiltonian systems

Robert Whitney
Semiclassical description of shot noise in a chaotic cavity

Jan Wiersig
Quasi-stationary states in pseudo-integrable quantum billiards

Diego Wisniacki
Classical invariants in quantum mechanics

Oleg Yevtushenko
to be announced

Shuhei Yoshida
Quantum localization of the periodically kicked Rydberg atom

Wei-Mou Zheng
Nonperiodic orbit sums in Weyl's expansion for billiards

Karol Zyczkowski
Geometry of the space of mixed quantum states

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Quantum Chaos