Poster Contributions

De Vega, Ines Different stochastic Schroedinger equations for a spin
  boson model
Eggeling, Tilo Hiding classical bits in multipartite quantum states
Galvão, Ernesto Substituting a qubit for an arbitrarily large amount of
  classical information
Gühne, Otfried Experimental detection of entanglement via witness operators
Haegeman, Bart Dynamical entropy for dissipative systems
Imafuku, Kentaro Slow degrees of field and Onsager relation with stochastic limit
Keyl, Michael Infinitely entangled states
Kondov, Ivan Stochastic unraveling and applications of non-Lindblad quantum
  master equations
Leroux, Philippe Co-associativity breaking and oriented graphs
Loubenets, Elena Quantum stochastics - quantum theory for observers
Maryenko, Denis First experiments in solid state crystal lattice
  NMR quantum computation
Mintert, Florian Ion trap quantum logic using microwave radiation
Müller, Cord Weak localization of light by atoms with internal structure
Muraki, Naofumi The five independences in noncommutative probability theory
Raussendorf, Robert Computational model underlying the one-way
  quantum computer
Sinolecka-Wypych, Magdalena Manifolds of interconvertible pure states
Wellens, Thomas Stochastic resonance in the coherence of a quantum system
Wellens, Thomas Quantum state preparation via asymptotic completeness

qrandom conference 2002-01-23