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International Seminar on

Modern Aspects of
Quantum Impurity Physics

March 31 - April 18, 2003

Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden

Scientific Coordinators:

Ralf Bulla David E. Logan Avraham Schiller
Universität Augsburg Oxford University The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Germany UK Israel

Scope of the Seminar

The investigation of quantum impurity problems has led over many years to a considerable increase in the understanding of correlated electron systems. The field has recently witnessed a strong resurgence of experimental interest, stimulated in part by important advances in preparing and interrogating quantum impurity systems. Notable examples include the observation of Kondo-like features in systems of magnetic adatoms on metallic surfaces, probed by scanning tunneling microscopy, and dramatic experimental confirmation that suitably fabricated mesoscopic quantum dots constitute directly tunable Anderson impurities. Coupled with experimental advances, recent years have also seen significant progress in theoretical methods for handling quantum impurity models. This Seminar should therefore bring together both theorists and experimentalists working actively in the area of quantum impurity problems.

The topics covered in the Seminar will include

Invited Speakers

F.B. Anders (Darmstadt, Germany) D. Goldhaber-Gordon (Harvard, USA) L.N. Oliveira (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
R. Berndt (Kiel, Germany) A.C. Hewson (London, UK) Th. Pruschke (Augsburg, Germany)
T.A. Costi (Karlsruhe, Germany) W. Hofstetter (Harvard, USA) F. Reinert (Saarbrücken, Germany)
D.L. Cox (Davis, USA) K. Ingersent (Gainesville, USA) S. Sachdev (Yale, USA)
M.F. Crommie (Berkeley, USA) M. Jarrell (Cincinnati, USA) A. Schneider (Stuttgart, Germany)
J.C. Davis (Berkeley, USA) H.R. Krishnamurthy (Bangalore, India) K. Schönhammer (Göttingen, Germany)
J. von Delft (München, Germany) J. Kroha (Bonn, Germany) F. Steglich (Dresden, Germany)
P. Fulde (Dresden, Germany) H.-A. Krug von Nidda (Augsburg, Germany) M. Vojta (Karlsruhe, Germany)
S. de Franceschi (Delft, The Netherlands) D.C. Langreth (Rutgers, USA) D. Vollhardt (Augsburg, Germany)
L.I. Glazman (Minnesota, USA) H. Manoharan (Stanford, USA) A. Zawadowski (Budapest, Hungary)
M.T. Glossop (Oxford, UK) P. Nordlander (Rice, USA) V. Zlatic (Zagreb, Croatia)
J. Nygard (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Conference Secretary

Visitors Program
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