Finite Systems
                  P R O G R A M    Ringberg Meeting

Theory Group (MPQ) und
Endliche Systeme & Nichtlineare Dynamik in Quantensystemen (MPIPKS)

February 7 - 11., 2000

Organization: A. Buchleitner

***** All talks 30 minutes + 10 minutes discussion *****
 (rather strict limits)

***** Please prepare talks for broad, nonspecialized audience *****
 (i.e. give basic definitions and descriptions, mention
interesting problems related to your subject, describe
goals of studies presented in your talk, try to leave
more technical details for questions and private discussions)

Sunday, 6th
after 16:oo h     Arrival Group Riezlern/Dresden

Monday, 7th

08:30       Departure from Garching to Ringberg
               Arrival approx. 10:30 h

11:00      Coffee Break

11:40      Alejandro Saenz  'Hydrogen molecules in strong fields'

12:30      Lunch

14:30     Amalia Apalategui Rebollo 'Multiphoton ionization in one-
              and two-electron diatomic molecules

15:10    Christian Siedschlag  'Transfer of laser energy into atoms and clusters'

15:5o      Coffee Break

16:30      Mariano Kornberg  'The quasifree mechanism in photoabsorption'

17:10       Jung-Sik Yoon   'Atomic collisions in dense plasmas'

18:3o      Dinner

Tuesday, 8th

08:00      Breakfast

09:00      Carla Figueira de Morisson Faria 'Control of high-harmonic generation'

09:40       Jan-Michael Rost   'Semiclassical description of multiphoton phenomena'

10:20      Coffee Break

11:00      Lars Madsen   'Coherent coupling of hollow atomic states'

11:40     Himadri Chakraborty  'Photoionization of atoms and atomic clusters:
                   from correlation to collective behavior'

12:30      Lunch

14:30     Tobias Schneider  'Lyapunov exponents in Hamiltonian systems'

15:10     Peter Chocian   'Fragmentation of atoms'

15:50      Coffee Break

16:30     Nenad Simonovic   'Semiclassical calculations of intra-shell
                S resonances of doubly excited two-electron systems'

17:10     Peter Schlagheck  'Ionisation in regular and chaotic atoms'

18:30      Dinner

Wednesday, 9th

08:00      Breakfast

09:00     Birgit Mecking   'Laser excitation of radial-angular Rydberg wave packets'

09:40     Andreas Krug   'Residual symmetries in the spectrum of
              periodically driven alkali Rydberg states'

10:20      Coffee Break

11:00     Lambros Nikolopoulos  'Multiphoton double ionization of helium:

11:40     Peter Lambropoulos  'What happened to collective excitations in atoms
                under strong fields?'

12:30      Lunch

14:30      Discussions in various groups

18:30      Dinner

Thursday, 10th

08:oo      Breakfast

09:00      George Nikolopoulos  'Multiple excitations in structured reservoirs'

09:40      Torben Nielsen   'Photonic band gap versus cavity reservoirs'

10:20      Coffee Break

11:00      Andreas Buchleitner  'Life times of nondispersive wave packets'

11:40      Sandro Wimberger  'The conductance of atoms'

12:30      Lunch

14:30      Cord Mueller   'Coherent backscattering of light by cold atoms'

15:10      Jens Schneider   'BEC atom lasers'

16:00      Coffee Break

16:40     Du Mengli   'Double-pulse spectra and closed orbits'

17:20     Klaus Hornberger  'Interior and exterior spectra of magnetic billiards'

18:30      Dinner

Friday, 11th

08:00      Breakfast

09:40     Giovanna Morigi   'Something to do with the ion trap quantum computer'

10:20      Coffee Break

11:00     Thomas Wellens  'Quantum state preparation of the radiation field'

11:40     David Petrosyan  Propagation effects in phase control of  photoabsorption

12:30      Lunch

14:30      Departure