1960         Diplom (Physik) 
             Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin
             Nachweis einzelner Ionen mit dem Szintillationsdetektor von  
             Schuetze und Bernhard
             Zeitschr. f. Physik 161, 103-115 (1961)

1960 – 1961  Wissenschaftliche Assistentin 
             Kernphysikalisches Institut der Akademie der Wissenschaften 
             Zeuthen bei Berlin

1960         Marriage, with Helmut Rotter
1962 – 1969  Scientific Coworker
             Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Dubna near Moscow 

1966         birth of the daughter Brigitte in Dubna

1967 (1966)  Dr. rer. nat. (kandidat nauk)
             Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Dubna near Moscow
             Clustereigenschaften leichter Kerne (in Russian) 
             Fortschr. Physik 16, 195-259 (1968) (in German)

1969 – 1971  Arbeitsgruppenleiterin (Group leader): 
             Theory of nuclear reactions
             Zentralinstitut fuer Kernforschung Rossendorf bei Dresden

1971         Termination of the group Theory of nuclear reactions
             on political grounds 

1971 – 1991  Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin (Scientific coworker) 
             (without any connection to colleagues in Western Germany and 
             other Western countries up to 1989)
             Zentralinstitut fuer Kernforschung Rossendorf bei Dresden 

1972         birth of the son Thomas in Dresden

1972 / 1991  Dr. sc. nat. / Dr. rer. nat. habil.
             Technische Universitaet Dresden
             Kernphysikalische Untersuchungen mit schweren Ionen

1978         Professorin der Akademie der Wissenschaften               

1991          A continuum shell model for the open quantum
              mechanical nuclear system
              Rep. Prog. Phys. 54, 635-682 (1991)

1991         DFG project Ro 922
             Markus Mueller, Dr. rer. nat. 1995
             Thomas Gorin, Dr. rer. nat. 1998
             Emil Persson, Dr. rer. nat. 1999

1992 – 1999  Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin (Scientific coworker)
             Institut fuer Theoretische Physik                
             Technische Universitaet Dresden

1999         reach of retirement age

since 1999   Retired scientific coworker
             Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems 

2003         Dynamics of quantum systems embedded in a continuum  
             together with J. Okolowicz and M. Ploszajczak
             Physics Reports 374, 271-383 (2003)

2009         A non-Hermitian Hamilton operator and the physics
             of open quantum systems 
             Topical Review J. Phys. A 42, 153001 (51pp) (2009)

2013         Quantum Physics with Non-Hermitian Operators:
             Theory and Experiment 
             Guest Editors: J. Bird, R. Kaiser, I. Rotter and G. Wunner
             Special Issue of Fortschr. Phys. -- Progr. Phys. (Wiley-VCH) 
             61, No. 2-3 (February), 51-420 (2013) 

2015         A review of progress in the physics of open quantum systems: 
             theory and experiment 
             together with J.P. Bird
             Rep. Prog. Phys. 78, 114001 (37pp) (2015)