Program listings

Programs described in
H. Kantz and T. Schreiber, Nonlinear Time Series Analysis, Cambridge Nonlinear Science series 7, Cambridge University Press (1997)
NEW! The promised software package, containing all the programs in source form, and many more, augmented by some basic driving routines to be used from the UNIX shell, is now available for downloading to your computer: TISEAN

Listings from the Book

FORTRAN C Section What it does
all.f all.c A2All in one file
- header.c A2Definitions
fclazy.f fclazy.c A2.1Simple prediction
base.f , neigh.f base.c , neigh.c A2.2Utilities for box-assisted neighbour search
nrlazy.f nrlazy.c A2.3Simple noise reduction
lyap.f lyap.c A2.4Maximal Lyapunov exponent
correl.f correl.c A2.5Correlation sum
stplot.f stplot.c A2.6Space time separation plot
clean.f clean.c A2.7Noise reduction with local projections
d1.f d1.c A2.8Information dimension, fixed mass algorithm