Poster Contributions

For each poster presentation one poster wall will be available.
These poster walls have the following size (don't feel obliged to really fill it):
Width: 97cm
Height: 250cm
Posters can be put up for the full duration of the workshop. Discussions during the breaks are encouraged.

Shuji AbeAn exact diagonalization study of photo-controlled molecular magnetism
Camilo Andres Aponte SantamariaBrownian dynamics simulations of the ion transport through the Gramicidin A channel
Mariusz BednarzSingle segment spectroscopy in disordered systems
Ben BrüggemannCoherent exciton control in photosynthetic antenna systems
Thomas DittrichSemiclassical propagation of quantum coherences in phase space
Maciej DurasSimulations of fluctuations of quantum statistical systems of electrons
Alexander EisfeldOptical properties of molecular aggregates
Francesco GuerrieriThe free energy of peptides binding to metal ions
Freddy GuimaraesThe effect of the IR laser in the core excited state
Michal Heller, Jan Kaczmarczyk, Marcin ZagorskiQuantum mechanical simulation of simple system
Michael Hoffmann, Marius WankoDFTB QM/MM calculations of retinal protein excited states
Thomas la Cour JansenSimulating 2DIR spectra of systems with conformational fluctuations: Trialanine
Günter KäbTrajectory surface hopping as applied to vibrational energy relaxation
Andre KietzmannQuantum molecular dynamic simulation of warm dense matter
Guangqi LiDensity matrix treatment of electron transfer in a model DNA system
Andreas MayModeling receptor flexibility in Docking calculations via harmonic modes
Phuong NguyenNonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecules
Vladimir S. PavlovichSpectra and electron transfer in bacterial photosynthesis in terms of hyston modes
Soroosh PezeshkiInfluence of chirp on the time-resolved CARS signal of molecular iodine
Danilo RoccatanoStructural and dynamic properties of cytochrome P450 BM-3 in pure water and in dimethylsulphoxide/water mixture
Markus SchröderAbsorption spectra of light-harvesting complexes using non-Markovian theories
Jürgen StockburgerNon-Markovian stochastic dynamics of open quantum systems
Ksenia TereshkinaMolecular dynamics of glycine receptor with various ions
Dmitry TsivlinQuantum dynamics of vibrational excitons in alpha-helical polypeptides
Sven WelackInfluence of laser irradiation on the transport in molecular wires
Mary WilliamsNonlinear optical properties of urea molecular crystals
Semen YesylevskyySemi-empirical study of two-color fluorescent dyes based on 3-hydroxychromone
Alexander ZhukovThe most probable path calculations for chemical reactions in condensed phases

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