list of poster contributions

For each poster presentation one poster wall will be available.
These poster walls have the following size (don't feel obliged to really fill it):
Width: 97cm
Height: 250cm
Posters can be put up for the full duration of the workshop. Discussions during the breaks are encouraged.

the posters' abstracts

The poster session take place on Monday, April 15 (19.00 - 21.00) and Thursday, April 18 (19.00 - 21.00)

01 Cameron, Robert; Speirits Fiona; Yao, Alison
  Helicity patterns
02 Cardano, Filippo
  Generation of vectorial and polarization singular beams using a q-plate
03 Coles, Matthes
  Optical angular momentum: Operators and compartmentalisation
04 Eleftheriadou, Electraand; Barnett, Stephen; Padgett, Miles; Yao, Alison
  Overlapping Gaussians
05 Fernandez-Corbaton, Ivan
  Necessary symmetry conditions for the rotation of light
06 Götte, Jörg
  Singularimetry and topological aberrations
07 Grillo, Vincenzo
  Quantum simulation of a spin polarization device in an electron microscope
08 Hayrapetyan, Armen
  Radiation-assisted relativistic electron vortex beams
09 Hollstein, Maximilian
  Temporal dynamics in strong-field processes subjected to Coulomb correlations
10 Jayaswal, Gaurav
  Weak measurement of goos hänchen shift
11 Kumar, Vijay
  Wavelength-dependent spin-orbit interaction in optical fibers
12 Lloyd, Sophia
  Mechanical and electromagnetic properties and interactions of electron vortices
13 Löffler, Wolfgang
  Spatial "Fresnel" Coefficients
14 Lubk, Axel
  Topological analysis of paraxially scattered electron vortex beams
15 Ma, Libo
  Non-cyclic geometric phase in asymmetric optical microcavity
16 Maldonado-Mundo, Daniel
  Renormalization in a single-branch spin-orbit system
17 Manaut, Bouzid
  Spin effects in laser-assisted semirelativistic excitation of atomic hydrogen by electronic impact
18 Matula, Oliver
  Angular distribution of electrons emitted in photoionization of hydrogen-like ions with
  twisted photons
19 Neugebauer, Martin
  Geometric Spin-Hall Effect of light in tightly focused polarization tailored light beams
20 Speirits, Fiona
  Do waves carrying orbital angular momentum possess azimuthal momentum?

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