Poster presentations

For each poster presentation one poster wall will be available with the following size: width= 97 cm, height= 250cm

Badzey, Robert Stochastic resonance in a bistable nanomechanical beam
Baltanas, J.P. Interplay between vibrational resonance and stochastic resonance
Casado-Pascual, Jesús in a bistable system
Brunhuber, Christian Thermal diffusion of envelope solitons on an anharmonic atomic
Chew, Lock Analysis of chaotic resonance from the Two-State Model
Choe, Chol-Ung Noise-induced order and ratchet in thermal convection loop
Das, Aruneema Application of stochastic resonance in auditory models
Denk, Claus to be announced
Denysov, Sergey Microscopy of underdamped ratchet
Dybiec, Bartlomiej Activation process driven by strongly non-Gaussian noises
Lech, Stepien Dynamical phase transition and stochastic resonance in the Ising model on a scale-free network
Mergenthaler, Konstantin Confinement-Induced Diffusion in a Periodic Potential
Morales-Molina, Luis Indication of stochastic resonance in nonlinear Klein-Gordon
    ratchet systems
Nikitin, Alexander Enhanced information transmission mediated by synaptic failure
Pawlik, Andreas Effect of noise and delay on nonlinear oscillators
Preuss, Oliver Numerical simulations of stochastic resonance in colloidal systems
Prusty, Manamohan Magnetic billiards as hamiltonian ratchets
Sailer, Xaver Bifurcation investigation of globally coupled stochastic systems
    with moment dynamics
Schmid, Gerhard Controlling Nonlinear Stochastic Resonance by Harmonic Mixing
Stemler, Thomas Experimental, analytical and numerical approaches to spatiotemporal
    stochastic multiresonance
Steuer, Ralf Effects of stochasticity in models of the cell cycle: From quantized cycle times to noise-induced oscillation
Valenti, Davide Role of the coloured noise in pattern formation and spatial
Watkins, Nicholas W. A simple quantum langevin equation for a weakly damped qubit
Werner, Johannes Aperiodic stochastic resonance: Real or hoax?

sripe04 2004-08-31