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Dresden, Germany

International workshop and seminar on


Workshop: June 15 - June 19, 1998 Seminar: June 22 - July 10, 1998

Scientific Coordinators:

Markus Bär (Dresden, Germany)
Ioannis G. Kevrekidis (Princeton, USA)
Andre Thess (Dresden, Germany)

Spatiotemporal dynamics at interfaces is often controlled by processes at the scale of microns or nanometers. Examples include the dynamics of thin films, interfacial turbulence, and pattern formation in chemical reactions. Profound understanding, accurate prediction, and reliable control of such phenomena require a multidisciplinary approach combining tools from nonlinear science, statistical physics, physical chemistry, chemical engineering and applied mathematics. The workshop will focus on the following topics:

Marangoni Effects and Interfacial Instabilities
Pattern Formation in Chemical Reactions

The workshop will give an overview of recent developments in these fields and help to identify the most promising directions for future fundamental and applied research. Moreover, representatives from industry will be invited in order to bring new problems to the attention of academia and benefit from the presence of a multidisciplinary community.

Preliminary List of Invited Speakers

I. Aksay (*) (Princeton, USA)
D. Barkley (Warwick, UK)
A. Boudouvis (Athens, Greece)
P. De Kepper (Bordeaux, France)
A. De Wit (Brussels, Belgium)
C. Doering(*) (Michigan, USA)
J. Derby (Minnesota, USA)
D. A. Edwards (Penn State, USA)
J. Earnshaw (Belfast, UK)
K. Eckert-Nitschke (Dresden, Germany)
H. Engel (Berlin, Germany)
R. Imbihl (Hannover, Germany)
S. Kai(*) (Fukuoka, Japan)
R. Kapral (Toronto, Canada)
J. Koplik (New York, USA)
E. Meron (Beer-Sheva, Israel)
A. S. Mikhailov (Berlin, Germany)
S. C. Müller (Magdeburg, Germany)
A. Oron (Haifa, Israel)
W. Pompe (Dresden, Germany)
H.-H. Rotermund (Berlin, Germany)
M. Schatz (Georgia Tech, USA)
M. K. Smith (Georgia Tech, USA)
P. Steen (Cornell, USA)
S. M. Troian (Princeton, USA)
L. Tuckerman(*) (Orsay, France)
M. Velarde (Madrid, Spain)
M. Wolke (Pliezhausen, Germany)

(*) - to be confirmed

The workshop will consist of invited lectures, contributed talks and posters. Researchers and practitioners from industry and applied sciences are encouraged to present problems and challenges to basic research as contributed talks during the applications session.

Deadline for applications is March 31, 1998.

For further information and application forms please contact:
Visitors Program, Max-Planck-Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme,
Nöthnitzer Str. 38, D-01187 Dresden
Tel.:+49-351-871-2105 / Fax: +49-351-871-2199
conference e-mail:

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Fri Jan 16 13:21:10 MET 1998