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Research interests

My current research interests focus on the application of dynamical systems theory and generalized modelling in the field of cellular transport mechanisms and ecology. I develop new techniques to analyse and visualize the stability of dynamical systems.

As a PhD I considered different processes in predator-prey interactions. I investigated how stoichiometric constrains and diseases can affect the dynamics of these interactions. A central task in my work was to analyze the effects of parameter variations on the long-term behavior of the systems under consideration.

Bifurcation Diagram

Bifurcation Diagram of a generalized producer-grazer with food quality.
For details see
Stiefs, D., Van Voorn, G. A. K., Kooi, B. W., Feudel U., Gross, T., Food quality in producer-grazer models - A generalized analysis, The American Naturalist, 2010.

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