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Nonequilibrium at Short Time Scales

  Mo. 5.6. Tue. 6.6. Wed. 7.6. Thu. 8.6. Fri. 9.6.
900-945 Eric Suraud: Time scales in cluster dynamics Bedrich Velicky: Photoexcited transients in disordered semiconductors I: short time coherence Udo Schroeder: Nonequilibrium emission of light particles and intermediate-mass clusters in nuclear collisions Paul G. Reinhard: Coupling of electronic and ionic motion in Na clusters Pawel Danielewicz: Low-Velocity Correlations from Real-Time Theory
945-1030 Roland Sauerbrey: Experiments with intense ultra short laser pulses Andela Kalvova: Photoexcited transients in disordered semiconductors II: directly computed Green functions compared with Ansatz-like decouplings Marek Ploszajczak: Universal features of the order-parameter fluctuations : reversible and irreversible aggregation Helmut Hofmann: Transport equations in quantum optics and nuclear physics Sigurd Kohler: Kadanoff-Baym eqs.; correlation-energies and -times
1100-1145 John Colin: Dynamical Effects in Nuclear Collisions in the Fermi Energy Range: Aligned Breakup of heavy projectiles Martin Wegener: Experiments on quantum kinetics in semiconductors Wolfgang Cassing: Semiclassical transport of dynamical spectral functions Gunter Zwicknagel: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Dynamics of Correlations and Relaxation in a One-component Plasma Pavel Lipavsky: Virial corrections out of equilibrium
1145-1230 Aurel Bulgac: Dissipative large amplitude collective motion Hartmut Haug: Nonequilibrium electron-hole systems in semiconductors Ingrid Rotter: Microscopic description of short-lived quantum states Karl Leo: Femtosecond dynamics of carriers in superlattices (Bloch oscillations and Zener breakdown in semiconductor superlattices) Klaus Morawetz: Formation of correlations in plasma and nuclear systems
1430-1515 Kurt Schönhammer: Time-energy uncertainty relation in hot electron relaxation in semiconductors Bernard Tamain: Dynamical versus statistical: what can we say from the data?   Jan M. Rost: Small clusters in a short laser pulse: how important are plasma effects ?  
1515-1545 COFFEE     COFFEE  
1545-1630 Volker Meden: Hot electron relaxation: exactly solvable models and improved transport equations Massimo Di Toro: Fluctuations and instabilities in nuclear dynamics: from multifragmentation to neutron stars EXCURSION (ZWINGER, ELBSANDSTEIN mountains) Angela Stella Camacho Beltran: Coherent Control of Electron-LO-phonon Scattering in a Quantum Well  
1630-1715 Markus Betz: Femtosecond Dynamics of nonthermal carrier distributions in polar semiconductors Vaclav Spicka: Nonlocal kinetic theory, particle-hole versus space-time symmetry   Natalia Del Fatti: Femtosecond electron dynamics in metal nanoparticle  
1715-1800 Poster/Discussions     Poster/Discussions  
Evening 19.45 Chambermusic at Semper opera Kreuzchor   Conference dinner  

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Short time scales