Description of the program: histogram

This program estimates the scalar distribution of a data set.


histogram [Options]

Everything not being a valid option will be interpreted as a potential datafile name. Given no datafile at all, means read stdin. Also - means stdin

Possible options are:

Option Description Default
-l# number of data to use whole file
-x# number of lines to be ignored 0
-c# column to be read 1
-b# number of intervals 50
-o[#] output file name without file name: 'datafile'.his
(or stdin.his if data were read from stdin)
If no -o is given stdout is used
-V# verbosity level
  0: only panic messages
  1: add input/output messages
-h show these options none

Description of the output:

The first three lines contain 1. interval of the data, 2. the average of the data and 3. the standard deviation of the data. The following lines then contain the histogram.
If you are only interested in the first three lines set the value of the -b flag to 0.
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You can find the old more fancy but buggy version in the unsorted directory as histogram_tisean_2.1.c.