Description of the program: polypar

This program creates a parameter file which can be used by the programs: polynomp and polyback.


polypar [Options]

Everything not being a valid option will be ignored, since there is no data required by the program.

Possible options are:

Option Description Default
-m# dimension of the polynomial 2
-p# order of the polynomial 3
-o# output file name parameter.pol
-V# verbosity level
  0: only panic messages
  1: add input/output messages
-h show these options none

Description of the Output

The output looks something like this:
Each line looks like:
i1 i2 ... id
These i's define the order of the delay vector entries in the term of the polynomial. This means the above line defines a term (let xn be the time series element at time n and let the delay be 1):
xni1 xn-1i2... xn-m+1id
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