Make Hénon map data

henon -l# [-A# -B# -X# -Y# -o outfile -x# -V# -h]

-l number of points x,y (l=0: infinite)
-A parameter a (1.4)
-B parameter b (0.3)
-X initial x
-Y initial y
-x number of transients discarded (10000)
-o output file name, just -o means henon.dat
-V verbosity level (0 = only fatal errors)
-h show this message
Prints iterates of the Hénon map (M. Hénon, Commun. Math. Phys. 50, 69, (1976)) to stdout:
     x(n+1) = 1- a*x(n)^2 + b*y(n)
     y(n+1) = x(n)

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