Create a (noisy) Lorenz system trajectory (numerical integration)

lorenz -l# [-f# -r# -R# -S# -B# -o outfile -x# -V# -h]

-l number of triples x,y,z
-f sample points per unit time [100]
-r absolute dynamical noise level [0]
-R parameter r [28]
-S parameter sigma [10]
-B parameter b [8/3]
-x number of transients discarded (10000)
-o output file name, just -o means lorenz.dat
-V verbosity level (0 = only fatal errors)
-h show this message
Creates a trajectory of the Lorenz system (E.N. Lorenz, J. Atmos. Sci. 20, 130 (1963)).
Additionally the Lyapunov exponents calculated on the trajectory are written to stderr.

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