Spike train autocorrelation function

spikeauto -d# -D# [-i -o outfile -l# -x# -c# -V# -h] file(s)

-d time span of one bin
-D total time spanned
-i expect intervals rather than times
-l number of values to be read (all)
-x number of values to be skipped (0)
-c column to be read (1 or file,#)
-o output file name, just -o means file_co
-V verbosity level (0 = only fatal errors)
-h show this message
Computes the binned autocorrelation function of a series of event times (With the flag -i set, the data is taken to be inter-event intervals rather than event times.) The data is assumed to represent a sum of delta functions centered at the times given. The autocorrelation function is then a double sum of delta functions which must be binned to be representable. Therfore, you have to choose the duration of a single bin -d and the maximal time lag -D considered.

Output file file_sco.

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