International seminar and workshop on

The Physics of Turbulence

Dresden, Germany
Seminar: July 20 - August 1, 1998
Workshop: August 3 - August 7, 1998

Scientific Coordinators:

R. Friedrich and J. Peinke

Turbulence is still one of the major challenges in classical physics. A successful understanding of turbulent flows requires applications of methods of statistical physics, dynamic systems theory, field theory as well as carrying out and interpreting appropriate experiments.

The aim of the seminar is to provide for young scientists a pedagogical introduction into the subject of fully developed turbulence. The following topics will be considered:

Turbulent flows and dynamic systems
Phenomenological theories of the turbulent cascade
Statistical methods.

Lectures will be held during the morning sessions. The afternoons will be reserved for discussions, seminars as well as own research activities. Computing facilities and data sets of turbulent flows will be provided for the participants to gain immediate experience in the analysis of turbulence.
The subsequent workshop is devoted the presentation of recent progress in the topics considered during the seminar.

Preliminary List of Seminar and Workshop Speakers:

F.H. Busse (Bayreuth)
B. Castaing (Grenoble)
P. Comte (Grenoble)
Y. Couder (Paris)
S. Ciliberto (Lyon)
F. Chilla (Lyon)
H. Clercx (Eindhoven)
H. Eckelmann (Göttingen)
H.E. Fiedler (Berlin)
R. Grauer (Düsseldorf)
M. Greiner (Dresden)
S. Großmann (Marburg)
H. Haken (Stuttgart)
J. Honerkamp (Freiburg)
F. Kwasniok (Hamburg)
D. Lohse (Marburg)
A. Muramatsu (Stuttgart)
A. Naert (Kyoto)
I. Procaccia (Rehovot)
D. Schertzer (Paris)
A. Tilgner (Bayreuth)
D.J. Tritton (Newcastle)
A. Tsinober (Tel Aviv)
A. M. Yaglom (Princeton)

Deadline for applications is May 15th, 1998


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