International workshop on

Pattern Formation in Complex Fluids and Biology

Dresden, Germany * September 1 - September 5, 1997

Scientific Director:
Walter Zimmermann
Institut für Festkörperforschung and FORUM Modellierung,
Forschungszentrum Jülich, 52425 Jülich

This workshop is the starting event for the seminar on the same topic, which will be held at the Max Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems from September 8 to December 5, 1997. The program will focus on recent developments in self-organisation and spatio-temporal complex phenomena in phy-sical, chemical and biological systems. The aim of the meeting is to support further exchange between these neighbouring and rapidly developing fields. The following topics will be addressed, among others: spatio-temporal structures (interfacial and reaction diffusion systems, hydrodynamic flows, convection and turbulence); dynamics of complex fluids (turbulent drag reduction, driven single polymers, liquid crystals, etc.); molecular motors, dynamics of microtubuli, chemotaxis, neurons, visual cortex, etc.

List of Speakers:

G. Ahlers (USA)
A. Arneodo (France)
M. Baer (Germany)
B. Behringer (USA)
D. Bensimon (France)
E. Bodenschatz (USA)
D. Bonn (Netherlands)
H. Brand (Germany)
E. Brener (Germany)
F. Busse (Germany)
H. Chate (France)
D. Chatenay (France)
S. Chu (USA)
P. Cladis (Germany/USA)
T. Duke (UK)
J. Fineberg * (Israel)
H. Flyvbjerg (Denmark)
P. Fromherz (Germany)
T. Geisel (Germany)
G. Gerisch (Germany)
R. Goldstein (USA)
L. van Hemmen (Germany)
J. Howard (USA/Germany)
R. Imbihl (Germany)
D. Kaiser * (USA)
J. Kaes (USA)
U. Kaupp (Germany)
T. Kawakatsu (Japan )
M. Kerszberg (France)
H. Levine (USA)
A. Libchaber (USA)
S. Loewel (Germany)
M. Magnasco (USA)
M. Matsushita (Japan)
A. Mikhailov (Germany)
C. Misbah (France)
H. Mueller (Germany)
S. Mueller (Germany)
A. Newell (UK)
G. Oster * (USA)
A. Panfilov (Netherlands)
P. Pelce (France)
W. Pesch (Germany)
H. Pleiner (Germany)
J. Prost (France)
I. Rehberg (Germany)
E. Sackmann (Germany)
J. Shapiro (USA)
V. Steinberg (Israel)
P. Tabeling (France)
J. Tabony (France)
C. Weijer (UK)
L. Wolpert (UK)

* not yet confirmed

Applications for participation should be sent to the address below. Application forms are available upon request or through Internet:
Workshop application form
Seminar application form
The registration fee is DM 150. Costs for accommodation and lunch will be covered by the MPI for Physics of Complex Systems. Upon request, limited funding is available to partially contribute to travel expenses.

Deadline for applications is May 15, 1997.

For further information please contact:
Dr. I. Allekotte, Max-Planck-Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme,
N\"othnitzer Str. 38, D-01187 Dresden
Tel. +49-351-871-2105, Fax +49-351-871-2199
conference e-mail:

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