on Thursday, from 14:00 to 15:00, in seminar room 4 (unless noted otherwise)
but don't forget the informal seminar on Wednesday !

19 February Tobias Brandes (TU Berlin):
12 February Ulrich Schneider (LMU):
Non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum gases in optical lattices
5 February Alexander Seidel (Washington University in St Louis) :
Quantum Hall Hamiltonians as frustration free lattice models
28 January Henning Schomerus (Lancaster University) :
Random-matrix theory for Majorana modes in chiral superconductors
22 January Balazs Dora (Budapest University of Technology and Economics):
Nematic, topological and Berry phases when a flat and a parabolic band touch
15 January, 1:45 pm Johan Nilsson (U. Gothenburg):
Free fermion description of a paramagnetic Mott insulator
11 December, room 1D1 Julia Stähler (Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society):
Ultrafast electron dynamics at oxide surfaces: How metallic is a semiconductor?
4 December, 15:00 Joost Slingerland (National University of Ireland):
Local representations of the loop braid group
27 November, 15:00 Jorge Quintanilla (University of Kent):
Broken Time-Reversal Symmetry and Topological Order in Triplet Superconductors
20 November, 15:00 room 1D1 Hans Hansson (Stockholm University):
Quantum Hall hierarchies - a CFT perspective
17 October Maarten Wegewijs (RWTH Aachen):
Magnetic anisotropy goes spintronic
19 July Jonathan Bird (University at Buffalo, the State University of New York):
Mesoscopic Systems with Continuum Coupling
20 Feb Andreas Hemmerich (University of Hamburg):
When bosons condense in excited states
6 Feb Arnauld Ralko (Neel Institute, CNRS/UJF, Grenoble):
When Holes Lose Their Statistics
5 Dec Gia-Wei Chern (Los Alamos National Laboratory):
Dipolar order by disorder in the classical Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the Kagome lattice
28 Nov Natalia Pugach (Moscow SU):
Magnetic moment manipulation by triplet Josephson current
24 Oct Michael Wimmer (TU Delft):
Disordered topological superconductors
19 Sept Eugene Kogan (Bar-Ilan Univ.):
RKKY interaction in gapped/doped graphene
4 July Victor Bastidas (TU Berin):
AC-driven Quantum Phase Transitions in spin systems
4 July Victor Bastidas (TU Berin):
AC-driven Quantum Phase Transitions in spin systems
13 June Chris Henely (Cornell):
Percolation on Cayley trees
2 May Jonathan Keeling (St Andrews):
Polariton and photon condensates in organic materials
28 March Masaki Oshikawa (ISSP Tokyo):
Statistics of holes and nature of superfluid phases in Quantum Dimer Models
5 March Jens Bararson (Berkeley):
Quantum transport in Dirac materials
28 February Markus Kollar (Augsburg):
Prethermalization and thermalization of weakly interacting quantum systems
12 February Marco Schiro (Princeton Center for Theoretical Science, USA):
Far From Equilibrium Quantum Many Body Physics with Strongly Interacting Matter and Light
7 February Joe Bhaseen (King's College London, UK):
Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Holographic Superfluids
31 January Sebastien Schmidt (ETH, Switzerland):
Quantum simulation with strongly correlated photons on a lattice
24 January H.G. Evertz (Graz, Austria):
Bound states and Quantum Bowling
16 January Giulio Biroli (CEA,France):
Difference between Ergodicity, Level Statistics and Localization Transitions on the Bethe Lattice
6 December Leticia Tarruel (Laboratoire Photonique, Numérique et Nanosciences, Bordeaux, France):
Engineering Dirac points with ultracold fermions in optical lattices.
29 November Kai P. Schmidt (TU Darmstadt):
Topological phase transitions in magnetic systems.
22 November Alexander Lichtenstein ( University of Hamburg):
Strong Electronic Correlations in Real Materials
9 November Peter Young ( University of California Santa Cruz, USA):
"Mind the gap"; solving optimization problems on a quantum computer
8 November Tomaz Prosen (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia):
Non-equilibrium steady states of boundary-driven open quantum chains
13 September Igor Herbut (Simon Fraser University, Canada):
Quantum numbers of topological defects in Dirac systems.
13 September Boris Spivak (University of Washington, USA):
Chiral anomaly and classical negative magnetoresistance of Weyl metal.
16 August Bela Bauer (Station Q Microsoft, Santa Barbara, USA):
Effect of thermal fluctuations in topological p-wave superconductors
9 August Jerome Cayssol (MPI-PKS and University of Bordeaux, France):
Fractional topological phases and broken time reversal symmetry in strained graphene
19 July Joachim Deisenhofer (Univ. Augsburg):
THz and optical spectroscopy in systems with frustrated spin and orbital degrees of freedom
12 July Peter Holdsworth (ENS Lyon, France):
A short history of Erbium Titanate
28 June Veljko Zlatic (Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia):
Enhancement of the figure-of-merit in strongly correlated multilayers
21 June Romuald Lemanski (Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Wroclaw):
Metal-insulator transformation induced by the order-disorder phase transition
31 May Gia-Wei Chern (University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA):
Orbital ice: An exact Coulomb phase on diamond optical lattice
16 May Nikolay Plakida (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia):
On the theory of superconductivity in the extended Hubbard model
10 May Ulrich K. Roessler (IFW, Dresden):
Skyrmionic matters: Multidimensional solitons in chiral magnetism and their extended topological textures
12 April Alexey Rubtsov (Moscow State University, Russia):
14 February Andrew Green (UCL London, UK):
Quantum order-by-disorder near criticality and the secret of partial order in MnSi
9 February Amit Keren (Technion, Israel):
A magnetic analog of the isotope effect in cuprates
12 January Jean-Sébastien Caux (Amsterdam, Netherlands):
Dynamics in one dimension: from integrability and Luttinger liquids to inelastic neutron scattering and beyond
15 December Marcus Kollar (Augsburg):
Thermalization of weakly interacting quantum systems (cancelled)
8 December Fabien Alet (Toulouse, France):
From spin to quantum dimer models, and vice-versa
24 November Jorn Venderbos (IFW, Dresden)
Fractional Quantum Hall states in strongly correlated multi-orbital systems
10 November Mikhail Kiselev (ICTP, Trieste, Italy)
Effects of slow noise on Landau-Zener transition
27 October Jesko Sirker (Kaiserslautern)
Decoherence, relaxation and thermalization in one-dimensional quantum models
21 October Friday Hans Kroha(Bonn)
Non-equilibrium Josephson Oscillations in trapped Bose-Einstein Condensates
13 October Andrea de Luca (SISSA, Trieste, Italy):
Structure of typical states of a disordered Richardson model and many-body localization
11 October Tuesday Claire Lhuillier (LPTMC, Paris, France): Joint seminar with Prof. Vojta's group
The Heisenberg Antiferromagnet on the kagomé lattice: a chiral spin liquid?
6 October Binghai Yan (Bremen)
First-principles Studies on Topological Insulator Materials
27 September Tuesday Chris Hooley (St-Andrews, UK):
A simple theory of the Invar effect in iron-based alloys
16 September Friday Henri Saarikoski (Regensburg):
Spin transmission control via tunable adiabaticity
8 September Shoucheng Zhang (Stanford, USA):
Topological insulators and topological superconductors
25 August T.K. Lee (Academia Sinica - Taiwan):
Low energy states of t-J model and relation with Cuprates
11 August Masaaki Nakamura (Tokyo, Japan):
Layer-resolved conductivities in multilayer graphenes
03 August Wednesday Julia Berashevich (University of Manitoba, Canada):
Graphene: A new star of nanoscale electronics
7 July booked
1 July Friday Sriram Shastry (UC Santa Cruz, USA): Joint seminar with Prof. Vojta's group
Extreme Correlations view of Photoemission in High Tc Systems
23 June Jeffrey Quilliam (LPS, Paris, France):
Heterogeneous ground state and intrinsic susceptibility of the quantum kagome antiferromagnet Vesignieite
21 June Tuesday Jens Bardarson (Berkeley, USA)
Quantum transport in topological insulator surface states.
9 June Workshop: Developments and Prospects in Quantum Impurity Physics
2 June School: Developments and Prospects in Quantum Impurity Physics
26 May Erez Berg (Harvard, USA):
A sign of change: pinning down the order parameter symmetry of the iron-based superconductors
19 May Eric Lutz (Augsburg):
Quantum dynamics far from equilibrium
12 May Emanuel Gull (Columbia, USA):
Cluster Dynamical Mean Field Methods and the Momentum-selective Mott Transition
5 May at 11 am Dirk Manske (MPI, Stuttgart): jointly with MPI-CPfS
Contrasting phonons with spin fluctuations in high-temperature superconductors: kinks and d-wave pairing
18 April Monday Michael Wimmer (Leiden, Netherlands):
Majorana fermions in nanowires
7 April Guozhu Liu (USTC, China):
Excitonic semimetal-insulator transition in graphene
31 March Mathieu Taillefumier (Trondheim, Norway):
Spin dynamics of classical kagome antiferromagnets
24 March Ming-Chiang (Taipei, Taiwan):
Edge State, Entanglement Entropy Spectra and Critical Hopping Coupling of Anisotropic Honeycomb Lattice
24 Feb. Bernd Rosenow (Leipzig):
Theory of the pairbreaking superconductor-metal transition in nanowires
23 Feb. (Wed.) Ronny Thomale (Princeton):
15 Feb. (Tuesday) Fakher Assaad (Wurzburg): Joint seminar with Prof. Vojta's group
10 Feb. Graham Kells (Berlin / National University of Ireland):
Kaleidoscope of topological phases in an exactly solvable model
3 Feb. Hiroyuki Yamase (NIMS, Japan):
Functional renormalization-group analysis of electronic nematic fluctuations
13 Jan. Rahul Roy (Oxford, UK):
Topological invariants and topological insulators