Condensed matter seminars at MPIPKS

Past seminars

Type Date and time Place Speaker (affiliation) Title
Informal seminar 24.5.2017 14:30 Room 1D1 Haruki Watanabe (University of Tokyo) Three applications of a double commutator
Group seminar 23.5.2017 10:30 Room 1D1 Haruki Watanabe (University of Tokyo) Spatial symmetry constraints on topological band structures and phases of spin model
Group seminar 4.5.2017 14:00 Room 1D1 Francesco Piazza (MPIPKS) Dynamics of Quantum Many-Body Atom-Photon Systems
Group seminar 27.4.2017 14:00 Room 1D1 Zhao Liu (Free University Berlin) The Interplay of Topological Orders with Disorder and Defects
Group seminar 20.4.2017 14:00 Room 1D1 Anton Akhmerov (TU Delft) Tinkering with Majoranas
Group seminar 9.3.2017 14:00 Room 1D1 Pranjal Bordia (LMU Muenchen) Many-body Localization Through the Lens of Ultracold Atoms
Group seminar 2.3.2017 14:00 Room 1D1 Denis Basko (CNRS Grenoble) Landau-Zener-Stueckelberg physics in a quantum electron turnstile
Group seminar 22.2.2017 14:00 Room 1D1 Jukka Pekola (Aalto University) Maxwell's Demons and Quantum Refrigerators in Superconducting Circuits
Group seminar 16.2.2017 14:00 Room 1D1 Vladimir Kravtsov (ICTP Trieste) Anderson localization on the Bethe lattice: new dimensions in an old problem
Group seminar 15.2.2017 14:00 Room 1D1 Lukas Muechler (Princeton University) Topological nonsymmorphic metals from band inversion
Group seminar 3.2.2017 14:00 Seminar Room 1+2 Daniel Arovas (UC San Diego) Magnetism II: "Quantum Magnetism from Y2K to Trump: Exotica"
Group seminar 2.2.2017 14:00 Seminar Room 1+2 Daniel Arovas (UC San Diego) Magnetism I: "Quantum Magnetism from the Iron Age to Y2K: Fundamentals"
Group seminar 26.1.2017 14:00 Room 1D1 Jorrit Kruthoff (University of Amsterdam) Topological classification of crystalline insulators through band structure combinatorics
Group seminar 19.1.2017 14:00 Room 1D1 Anne Nielsen (MPIPKS) Fractional quantum Hall physics in lattices
Group seminar 12.1.2017 14:00 Room 1D1 Piotr Surowka (MPIPKS) Symmetries and topology in quantum field theories and hydrodynamics: from Weyl semi-metals to cold atoms
Group seminar 1.12.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Tibor Rakovszky (MPIPKS) Detecting topological invariants via losses in Floquet insulators
Group seminar 29.11.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Inti Sodemann (MIT) Unearthing the hidden link between composite fermions and exciton condensates in quantum Hall bilayers
Group seminar 7.11.2016 14:00 Seminar Room 4 Zi Yang Meng (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) Quantum Monte Carlo investigations in frustrated magnets and magnetic phase transitions
Group seminar 3.11.2016 14:00 Seminar Room 4 Onur Erten (MPIPKS) Is SmB6 a failed superconductor?
Group seminar 22.9.2016 14:00 Seminar Room 4 Xiao-Yu Dong (MPIPKS) Time-reversal-breaking topological phases in anti-ferromagnetic Sr2FeOsO6 films
Informal seminar 15.9.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 PV Sriluckshmy (MPIPKS) A study of spin liquid in the Kitaev Hubbard model
Group seminar 15.8.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Ville Lahtinen (Freie Universitaet Berlin) Quantum criticality in cluster models (with a touch of anyon condensation)
Group seminar 5.8.2016 11:00 Seminar Room 4 Takuya Higuchi (Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg) Light-Field-Driven Currents in Graphene
Group seminar 4.8.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Ivan Khaymovich (CNRS Grenoble) Analogy between work statistics in a driven single-electron box and multifractality of random eigenfunctions in disordered metal
Group seminar 26.7.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Pedro Ribeiro (Universidade de Lisboa) Properties of a thermodynamically unbalanced Fermi gas
Group seminar 30.6.2016 14:00 Seminar Room 4 Lukas Muechler (Princeton University) Moebius Molecules and Fragile Mott Insulators
Group seminar 17.6.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Vipin Varma (ICTP Trieste) Energy and spin transport in the thermal phase of the disordered Heisenberg chain
Group seminar 9.6.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Roman Orus (Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet) Kitaev honeycomb tensor networks: exact unitary circuits and applications
Group seminar 2.6.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Carl Jan Budich (University of Innsbruck) Topological Quantum Matter far from Equilibrium
Group seminar 19.5.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Arnab Sen (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science) Dynamics of entanglement generation in driven integrable systems
Informal seminar 25.4.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Alexander Burin (Tulane University) Many body localization and long range interaction
Group seminar 21.4.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Paul Fendley (Oxford) Strong zero modes: What they are and what they're good for
Group seminar 19.4.2016 15:00 Room 1D1 Sasha Chernyshev (UC Irvine) Quantum order-by-disorder and excitations in kagome-lattice magnets
Group seminar 14.4.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Michael Knap (TU Muenchen) The many-body localization transition
Group seminar 8.4.2016 15:00 Seminar Room 4 Mike Zhitomirsky (CEA Grenoble) Dirty and Frustrated: order by structural disorder effect in magnets with competing interactions
Group seminar 23.3.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Robert-Jan Slager (Leiden University) Topological band insulators revisited: A space group view on classification procedures and defect phenomena
Group seminar 17.3.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Markus Heyl (TU Muenchen) Dynamical critical phenomena far from equilibrium
Group seminar 02.3.2016 14:00 Seminar Room 4 Michele Filippone (Freie Universitaet Berlin) Persistent currents in Many-Body Localized systems
Group seminar 18.2.2016 14:00 Seminar Room 4 Peter Fulde (MPIPKS) Is the N-electron wave function for N > 10^3 a legitimate scientific concept?
Informal seminar 02.2.2016 14:00 Seminar Room 4 Chris Hooley (University of St Andrews) Coexistence of competing ordered phases: what can the conformal bootstrap tell us?
Group seminar 28.1.2016 14:00 Room 1D1 Samuel Ridgway (University of St Andrews) Non-Fermi liquids in layered materials