TISEAN 3.0.1
All programs in alphabetical order

arima-model Fit and possibly iterate an ARIMA model
ar-model Fit and possibly iterate an Autoregessive model
ar-run Iterate an Autoregessive model
av-d2 Simply smooth output of d2
boxcount Renyi Entopies of Qth order
c1 Fixed mass estimation of D1
c2d Get local slopes from correlation integral
c2g Gaussian kernel of C2
c2t Takens estimator of D2
choose Choose rows and/or columns from a data file
compare Compares two data sets
corr Autocorrelation function
d2 Correlation dimension d2
delay Creates delay embedding
endtoend Determine end-to-end mismatch
events Interval/event conversion
extrema Determine the extrema of a time series
false_nearest The false nearest neighbor algorithm
ghkss Nonlinear noise reduction
henon Create a Hénon time series
histogram Creates histograms
ikeda Create an Ikeda time series
intervals Event/intervcal conversion
lazy Simple nonlinear noise reduction
lfo-ar Locally first order model vs. global AR model (old ll-ar)
lfo-run Iterate a locally first order model (old nstep)
lfo-test Test a locally first order model (old onestep)
lorenz Create a Lorenz time series
low121 Time domain low pass filter
lyap_k Maximal Lyapunov exponent with the Kantz algorithm
lyap_r Maximal Lyapunov exponent with the Rosenstein algorithm
lyap_spec Full spectrum of Lyapunov exponents
lzo-gm Locally zeroth order model vs. global mean
lzo-run Iterate a locally zeroth order model
lzo-test Test a locally zeroth order model (old zeroth)
makenoise Produce noise
mem_spec Power spectrum using the maximum entropy principle
mutual Estimate the mutual information
notch Notch filter
nstat_z Nonstationarity testing via cross-prediction
pca Principle component analysis
poincare Create Poincaré sections
polyback Fit a polynomial model (backward elimination)
polynom Fit a polynomial model
polynomp Fit a polynomial model (reads terms to fit from file)
polypar Creates parameter file for polynomp
predict Forecast discriminating statistics for surrogates
randomize General constraint randomization (surrogates)
randomize_spikeauto_exp_random Surrogate data preserving event time autocorrelations
randomize_spikespec_exp_event Surrogate data preserving event time power spectrum
rbf Radial basis functions fit
recurr Creates a recurrence plot
resample Resamples data
rescale Rescale data set
rms Rescale data set and get mean, variance and data interval
sav_gol Savitzky-Golay filter
spectrum Power spectrum using FFT
spikeauto Autocorrelation function of event times
spikespec Power spectrum of event times
stp Creates a space-time separation plot
surrogates Creates surrogate data
timerev Time reversal discrimating statistics for surrogates
upo Finds unstable periodic orbits and estimates their stability
upoembed Takes the output of upo and create data files out of it
wiener Wiener filter
xc2 Cross-correlation integral
xcor Cross-correlations
xrecur Cross-recurrence Plot
xzero Locally zeroth order cross-prediction

Copyright © (1998-2007) Rainer Hegger, Holger Kantz, Thomas Schreiber