Scale invariance in hurricane energies

Alvaro Corral

Centre de Recerca Matematica, Barcelona, Spain

Authors: Albert Osso, Alvaro Corral, Josep Enric Llebot

The influence of climate variability and global warming on the occurrence of tropical cyclones (roughly speaking, hurricanes, or simply, storms) is a complex issue, which faces the extra complication of the relative lack of reliability of the existing databases. But a more fundamental hindrance in order to address this problem is the absence of a basic understanding of the intrinsic nature of tropical-cyclone genesis and evolution. It is known that tropical cyclones are not just a passive response to changing external forcing, but it is not clear which kind of dynamical process tropical cyclones define. In this presentation, we discuss different measures of hurricane size and study their fluctuations in successive occurrences. The changes of these statistical properties in different climatic conditions can shed light on hurricane variability.