Preliminary poster list

  • For each poster one poster board will be available.

  • The size of the poster walls is 120 cm (height) x 100 cm (width).

  • The number in front of your name stands for the number of the poster wall reserved for you.

  • Pins will be provided.

  • Click on the poster title to see the abstract (if available).

  • 01 Catari, Gusman Suspended sediment load at the small catchment scale: Role of major versus minor events
    02 Corral, Alvaro Power-law statistics in rain occurrence
    03 Corral, Alvaro Scale invariance in hurricane energies
    04 Daruka, Istvan Extreme events in the flight of bird flocks
    05 Donner, Reik Characterizing extreme events in extended systems by spatio-temporal correlations
    06   canceled
    07 Groth, Andreas Extracting an average business cycle and its stylized facts in the U.S.
    08 Hernández, Ismael Extremes of stretching in ocean flow: Intermittency and its impact in transport and mixing
    09 Marcos, Marta Extreme sea levels in the Mediterranean Sea from observations and storm surge models
    10 Morales, Allan Gust description for wind energy purposes
    11 Nikolopoulos, Stavros Identifying critical phenomena by analysis of experimental timeseries
    12 Novotny, Tomas Counting statistics of non-Markovian quantum stochastic processes
    13 Popkov, Vladislav Spontaneous symmetry breaking in a bridge model fed by junctions
    14 Roman, H. Eduardo/ Fluctuations of company yearly profits versus
      Siliprandi, Riccardo A. scaled revenue: Extreme events and fat tail distributions
    15 Vitanov, Nikolay On probability for rogue waves in the North Sea