Counting statistics of non-Markovian quantum stochastic processes

Tomas Novotny

Charles University in Prague, Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Prague, Czech Republic

We present a recursive method for calculating zero-frequency current cumulants of very high or- ders for quantum stochastic processes described by non-Markovian generalized master equations (GME) [1,2]. Within the same framework, the finite-frequency noise can also be evaluated. As a specific example, we consider charge transport through two coherently coupled Coulomb blockade quantum dots embedded in a dissipative environ- ment. For high orders, the cumulants show surpri- sing oscillations as functions of the level detuning.

Using mathematical properties of derivatives in the complex plane [3] we show that these oscillations are in fact universal and are expected to occur as functions of almost any parameter in a wide class of stochastic processes [4]. We present the first experimental evidence of universal oscillations in electron transport through a single quantum dot [4].

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