Matter to Life Fall Days

International Symposium
1 - 2 October 2024

The Matter to Life community of faculty and
students get together for their biannual MtL days,
this year in Dresden hosted at the MPI physics of
complex systems to discuss their latest research
findings, forge collaborations and networks.

Topics include

  • Interdisciplinary learning and research
  • Physics of Life

  • Chemistry of Life

  • Matter to Life

  • Self-organization

  • Biophysics

  • Biomaterials

  • Active matter


Stefan Diez (TU Dresden)
Tobias J. Erb (MPI Marburg)
Stephan Grill (MPI Dresden)
Anthony Hyman (MPI Dresden)
Thorsten Moos (Uni Heidelberg)
Andrea Musacchio (MPI Dortmund)
Andrij Pich (DWI Aachen)
Victor Sourjik (MPI Marburg)
Tanja Weil (MPI Mainz)


Scientific Coordinators

Jan Heidelberger
(Heidelberg, DE)

Frank Jülicher
(Dresden, DE)

Dharanija Madhavan
(Heidelberg, DE)


Mandy Lochar

(MPIPKS Dresden)


Participating members of the Max Planck School 'Matter to Life' are asked to register by 9th August 2024.

Scientific Program Structure

Tuesday, 1st October, morning - opening and start of scientific activities

Wednesday, 2nd October, around afternoon - closing


How to reach us


Useful information for your way to the venue.

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