Preliminary list of poster contributions

  • For each poster presentation one poster wall will be available.

  • Please note that the size of the poster walls is 185 cm (height) x 95 cm (width).

  • Double-sided tape/magnets will be provided.

    1 Agliari, Elena abstract Heat conduction in a two-dimensional ising model
    2 Barato, Andre abstract Mean-field approximations for a model for nonequilibrium wetting transitions
    3 Bernardin, Cedric abstract Momentum conserving model with anomalous thermal conductivity in low dimensional systems
    4 Carmelo, Jose abstract Symmetry and spectral properties of the Hubbard chain
    5 Chatterjee, Sakuntala abstract Shock-probes in driven diffusive systems
    5 Chowdhury, Debashish abstract Axon bundling dynamics
    6 Dahmen, Silvio abstract Space representation of stochastic processes with delay
    7 Dotti, Carlo abstract Spreading of fluids in narrow channels
    8 Foulaadvand, Ebrahim abstract Cellular automata approach to describe the traffic flow at a non signalised intersection
    9 Harris, Rosamary abstract Current fluctuations in driven lattice gases
    10 Jafarpour, Farhad abstract Shocks in three-states one-dimensional driven-diffusive systems
    11 Lecomte, Vivien abstract Finite size effects in fluctuating hydrodynamics
    12 Mahnke, Reinhard abstract Thermodynamics of driven system
    13 Mahnke, Reinhard abstract Understanding traffic breakdown: A stochastic approach
    14 Pradhan, Punyabrata abstract Sampling rare fluctuations of height in the Oslo ricepile model
    15 Stella, Attilio abstract Scaling and efficiency determine the irreversible evolution of a financial index
    16 Takashi, Imamura abstract Tagged particle in TASEP and random matrix theory

    Last update: July 9, 2007