List of poster contributions

  • For each poster one poster board will be available.

  • All posters will be on display for the whole workshop week.

  • The size of the poster boards is 185 cm (height) x 95 cm (width) (A0, Portrait).

  • The number in front of your name stands for the number of the poster board reserved for you.

  • Magnets/double-sided tape will be provided.

    1 Gonzalo Agustin Alvarez  
      Localization effects induced by decoherence  
    2 Frantisek Becvar  
      ν we never knew you  
    3 Mustapha Bentaiba  
      Nikiforov-Uvarov method applied to a PT-symmetric potential  
    4 Christopher Birchall  
      Random matrix theory of PT-symmetric systems  
    5 Holger Cartarius  
      Exceptional points in atomic resonance spectra  
    6 Mario Castagnino & Sebastian Fortin  
      The moving preferred basis in open systems  
    7 Ching-Hao Chang  
      Origin of branch points in the spectrum of PT-symmetric periodic potentials  
    8 Maurizio Fagotti  
      Armchair graphene nanoribbons: PT-symmetry breaking and exceptional points  
    9 Ragnar Fleischmann  
      From fragile to robust Pseudo-Hermitian phase in disordered PT-Symmetric lattices  
    10 Pijush Kanti Ghosh  
      Non-Dirac-Hermitian supersymmetric quantum systems: Deconstruction  
    11 Uwe Günther  
      Passive PT-symmetry breaking in open 2-channel systems  
    12 Robin Gutöhrlein  
      Signature of exceptional points in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates  
    13 Eva-Maria Graefe  
      Mean-field and many-particle correspondence for a non-Hermitian Bose-Hubbard dimer
    14 Andrej Junginger  
      Transition state theory and normal forms for the thermal decay of Bose-Einstein condensates  
    15 Igor Karnaukhov  
      Phase separation at the metal-insulator transition in fermion chain with particle-hole asymmetry interaction  
    16 Oleg Kirillov  
      Standard and helical magnetorotational instability: How singularities create paradoxal phenomena in magnetohydrodynamics  
    17 Andrey Kolovsky  
      Solution of the Wannier-Stark problem by using non-unitary evolution operator approach  
    18 Alexander Magunov  
      Three-photon ionization and harmonic generation with laser-induced continuum structure  
    19 Jörg Main  
      Bifurcations and exceptional points in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates  
    20 Amel Mazouz  
      Variational treatment for a complex PT-potential  
    21 Bikashkali Midya  
      On the PT invariant complex periodic potential V(x) = 4 cos2 x + 4 i V0 sin 2x  
    22 Hideaki Obuse  
      Conductance and multifractality at integer quantum Hall transitions with dissipation  
    23 Jacek Okolowicz  
      Anomalous near threshold configuration mixing  
    24 Sebastian Reyes  
      Non-adiabatic transitions in a non-symmetric two-level system  
    25 Saber Rostamzadeh  
      Peculiar resonance phenomena in PT-symmetric quantum mechanics with application in optics  
    26 Ingrid Rotter  
      Dynamical phase transitions in quantum mechanics  
    27 Milan Sindelka  
      Non-hermitian complex scaled QED treatment of spontaneous emission phenomena  
    28 Frantisek Stampach  
      Some Results on the Spectrum of Complex Jacobi Operators  
    29 Ireneusz Weymann  
      Quantum-Trajectory numerical renormalization group method for the Anderson impurity model  
    30 Diego Wisniacki  
      Quantum chaotic resonances from short periodic orbits  
    31 Ochiai Yuichi  
      Chaotic transport in bi-layer graphene quantum dots