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Workshops & Seminars


Shedding Quantum Light on Strongly Correlated Materials

Scientific Coordinators: Atac Imamoglu, Dieter Jaksch, Francesco Piazza
Organisation: Claudia DomaschkeRead more

Quantum Transport with Ultracold Atoms

Scientific coordinators: Herwig Ott and Sandro Wimberger
Organisation: Mandy LocharRead more
Seminar and Workshop

Inverse Network Dynamics - Network Structure and Function from Nonlinear Dynamics and Time Series Data

Scientific Coordinators: Klaus Lehnertz, Mor Nitzan, Marc Timme
Organisation: Visitors ProgramRead more

QED Laser Plasmas

Scientific Coordinators: Antonino Di Piazza, Stuart Mangles, Mattias Marklund
Organisation: Maria VoigtRead more

From Quantum Matter to Quantum Computers

Scientific Coordinators: Marin Bukov, Pieter Claeys, Alexander-C. Heinrich, Roderich Moessner
Organisation: Anna Burger & Kristin PaskeRead more